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Condom type, flavor, big, thin, for premature ejaculation etc and Technique of how to choose condoms.

Condom type

Condom type

Different type of condoms for men:

Latex Condoms

Latex condoms are most common type of condom. It has good elasticity and comfortable for all penis size. Using oil lubricant with Latex condom hiv is not good ideas. It damage the latex effect, elasticity.


Nonlatex condoms are for one who was allergic to latex. These condoms are made by natural rubber polyisoprene. Nonlatex Condoms are safer to use and help to block viruses along the sperm.

Textured Condoms

Textured condoms also are known as Ribbed Condoms, Dotted Condoms, Studded Condoms. These condoms increase the stimulation and pleasure of sexual intercourse. These condoms have raised ridges or raised dotted texture. It enhances the sexual intimacy.

Spermicidal Condoms

This is a special type of condom that contains spermicidal lubricant. Spermicidal lubricant help to kill the sperm and prevent you from unwanted pregnancy.

Flavoured Condoms

Flavoured Condoms used in oral sex mostly. Flavored condoms have various flavors like strawberry, mint, banana, etc. Flavoured Condom enhance the boring sexual life and make women feel comfortable with a penis.

Choose a type of condoms that suits you

Choose a type of condoms that suits you

As we know condom or kondom has different types, size, style, and brand. Condom affects your sexual experience. Different condom style and shape gives a different feel. It is essential to choose your type. First, know your correct penis size. Try normal condom at first. If it feels too tight, you want a large condom or if it feels loose, you want smaller condoms. tight condoms can break during sexual intercourse and loose condoms, slip off because of friction.

You may easily get small condom to extra large condom in the market. While choosing condom, do not go with a brand name. The brand is not important, your comfort is. Try and experience, is it ok or not. The Same Package is not told you, is it feel or fit you. Let's try a different type of condom and let's know your condom type. Is a condom gives you and your partner an orgasm without any disturbance, Note this is the best condom for you and your partner. Women can also use the condom during the sexual activity. The condom which is used by female are called the female or girl condom. People should know what is condom, how to choose condom, how to use condom and when to use condom. People can buy the condom onlinestore or from shop.