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Pickleball is among the fastest growing sports in the USA, and it is rapidly catching on in other countries as well. With the addition of new pickleball courts in thousands of towns, comes the need to introduce a small army of potential players to the game and help them consistently and safely improve their skills.

To meet that need USAPA has developed Teaching Guidelines as the initial phase of a broad program to support local player-teachers who are entrusted with the responsibility to teach the game to beginner and intermediate players. The Guidelines (released to members Sept. 12, 2016) provide a comprehensive document that prescribes minimum content for developing lesson plans, plus teaching prerequisites, pickleball etiquette, common drills, a teacher code of conduct and more.

To learn more about the four-phase program, phases 2 and 3 of which are still under development, click on Teacher Support Program below.


Dingy Dave = 6,000 Mile Pickleball Trip

North Carolina Pickleball

Special Feature

Some people really love their pickleball.

One man, “Dinghy” Dave Pike, is navigating 6,000 miles between his Michigan home and Florida, stopping along the way to play the badminton-like sport with as many people as possible.

Dave “Dinghy Dave” Pike of Grand Haven, Michigan, plays a game of pickleball Wednesday at the Osage Centre in Cape Girardeau. Pike stopped here on his “Journey,” a rigid inflatable watercraft, on the Mississippi River en route to Key West, Florida.
Fred Lynch
He stopped in Cape Girardeau on Tuesday night to anchor his boat and camp, and by 8:30 a.m. Wednesday was working up a sweat with the local pickleball club at the Osage Centre.

Since his stop in Cape Girardeau marked the only one in Missouri, Mayor Harry Rediger proclaimed Wednesday as “Dave Pike Pickleball Day in the City of Cape Girardeau.”

Pike said he’s been playing pickleball for more than four years. When he got the urge to travel, he figured he might as well see the country’s pickleball courts.

“This gives me a kind of a window into the communities that I stop in,” he said. “I get to know the people, interact with them, and I’m meeting a lot of new friends. It’s actually making it a highlight of my trip.”


North Carolina Pickleball

Special USAPA Newsletter Promotion

I hear from time to time “why do I need to join the USAPA?” – It would take quite some time to enumerate all the reasons so I will just list a few.  If there were no USAPA then the following would be gone – 1.  USAPA Web page 2.  Places to Play 3. Ambassador Program 4. Tournaments 4. Referee training 5. Liability insurance for tournament directors 6.  Rules development 7. Newsletter 8. Grant programs  Read more

Pickleball Magazine Features Atlantic South Region

North Carolina Pickleball

Special Atlantic South Feature

We are pleased to recognize the Atlantic South Region as the first ever region to be in the spotlight in Pickleball Magazine.  Special thanks to Joe Borrelli and Karen Parrish who put together an outstanding article.  Great Job North Carolina as we are a leader in Pickleball.

ScreenHunter_1986 Aug. 03 08.01ScreenHunter_1987 Aug. 03 08.01ScreenHunter_1988 Aug. 03 08.01

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Georgia Pickleball Destination

North Carolina Pickleball

USAPA Region Tournament Update – Skidaway Island

The United State Pickleball Association (USAPA) has 5 states within the Atlantic South Region.  Georgia is becoming a “hotbed” for pickleball and tournaments.  Southern Motors Honda “jumps” on board as a major sponsor.
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