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Ambassador Conference Kicks Off

North Carolina Pickleball

Special Ambassador Retreat

USAPA Ambassadors Meet at Club Med Port St. Lucie Florida – The annual ambassador retreat kicked off yesterday with a meet n greet followed by dinner. Two nice additions this year was special seating for all attendees plus the Board members sat at a different table and interacted with and answered questions. Pickleball University was offered prior to the event and was a huge success. Brian StaubJennifer Lucore, Sarah Linh Ansboury and Byron Freso were guest instructors. More information throughout the week.

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CAROLINA BEACH – Pickleball or Bicker Ball



Ed Note – In an effort to please everyone they will please no one…..

CAROLINA BEACH — Being told you can’t play on the same court as someone else might sound like middle-school drama, but in Carolina Beach, it’s not the children who are fussing over a game.

According to town emails between a resident and Parks and Programs Superintendent Tim Murphy, there has been some tension on the pickleball courts.

Recently the town decided it would be best to remove advanced and intermediate pickleball hours from its schedule, instead opting for an ‘all-levels’ open play due to some disputes amongst players.

“The past several weeks we have been having some folks who were told they were not allowed to play in the intermediate sessions. They considered themselves intermediate players but were having their paddles moved and told they were not allowed to play from other players,” Murphy said in an email.

“Taking this into consideration, and the new influx of people who have joined and are interested in playing, Eric, myself and the front desk staff think the best way to schedule moving forward is to make open pickleball for all skill types. I hope you understand this decision and still enjoy participating. We love seeing the gym full of people playing pickleball,” he concluded.

The resident acknowledged there has been some so-called “pickleball drama” between “warring factions” but said he has not experienced someone telling another player they cannot play.

“If I may add a variation to the pickleball drama. Yes, there is a level of angst between the warring factions, please understand my tongue in cheek. However, I am there mostly every day and I have never heard any player say that others can’t play. Is there mumbling and grumbling, oh yeah, by both sides.

“In fact, I have discussed that levels are self-regulated as they are at the Y where I play weekends. Do paddles get moved, yes by both sides. If I don’t want to play with a person(s), I’ll hold my paddle out for the next group or grouping that I want,” the resident said in his email.  Story by Michael Pratts

Final thought,  this problem could easily be resolved with proper rules and leadership.  The Villages with over 200 pickleball courts have figured it out.  Perhaps the local USAPA ambassador in that area could assist and guide them through these troubled times…

Practice Makes Perfect – That is-Perfect Practice

North Carolina Pickleball

Special Practice Equipment Edition

Here is another training product to consider. A pickleball rebounder is a highly versatile product to enable players to practice a variety of different drills. It’s cheaper than a ball machine and will not break. You’ll also get a better workout and far more actual pickleball hits during your training session using a rebounder compared to a ball machine. Check out the website here to learn more:www.rtsrebounder.com 

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Beech Mountain Adds Pickleball Mixer

North Carolina Pickleball

Special Pickleball Mixer – Beech Mountain, NC

August 5 thru 9th 2019

“Hats Off” to Bob and Liz Higginbottom for putting together another outstanding event scheduled for August 5th thru 9th 2019.  The event fees will feature a bar b q, sit down dinner at the beautiful Beech Mountain ClubHouse, Club registration fees and a fun round robin pickleball tournament.  Beech Mountain locals will be there to challenge your skills.  Total cost is only $121.00 per person excluding lodging.

The Beech Mountain Club Pickleball Center has 5 beautiful new courts located at the heart of the Club’s recreation campus. Deck seating and a convenient sports café overlook the courts along with a covered pavilion for social events. Pickleball teaching professionals direct the Club’s program during the summer which includes private lessons, clinics, league and tournament play, as well as special sessions throughout the week.

Paddles are available for rent and for sale along with the latest in Pickleball attire through the Pickleball Center Office/Shop. The Beech Mountain Club has been at the forefront of promoting this fast-growing sport in the high-country area.

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Interested parties should call Bob Nibarger at 757-685-5909 or email at ncpickleball@gmail.com    Registration ends soon so call today.




North Carolina Pickleball 2018 Holiday Smash Results



The 2018 North Carolina Holiday Smash concluded on November 17 and 18 at the beautiful 18 indoor court facility Carolina Courts Concord.  Over 200+ players fought it out over two days.  Here are the medal winners from this weekend.

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Stephanie Lane and Richard Rineholz   5.0 Mixed Doubles Winners


Jacob Noble and Sarah Parker 5.0 Silver Medal Winners Mixed Doubles

Post Joins Carolina Courts Pickleball Team

North Carolina Pickleball

Post New Assistant Tournament Director

Carolina Courts is pleased to announce the addition of Jon Post to the tournament team.  Jon is a 4.5 player and well known both in the region and locally.  Jon also hosts an annual pickleball tournament in Salisbury NC.  Jon will join Bob Nibarger as they will team up to bring you the very best tournaments in North Carolina.  Other team members include Scott Chitwood, CEO and Manager of Carolina Courts, Jon Jenrette “facilities” and a host of volunteers.  The Cabarrus County Convention Bureau is also a huge supporter of North Carolina Pickleball.  Two title sponsors include Paddletek and Onix.  Welcome Jon we are so glad to have you on the team.  ScreenHunter_5506 Aug. 14 14.40

Jon with his lovely wife and son Abraham

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