Salisbury Tournament Results – 2019 –

North Carolina Pickleball

Special Salisbury Tournament Feature

SALISBURY — The first of three days of pickleball had players arriving Friday for Salisbury’s largest tournament yet. Already, 190 players from 11 states had registered. Some were past winners of national tournaments, some were novices and most were from out of town. Several professional players are slated to attend. Just a few years ago, few people knew much about pickleball in this area. Now, according to Marcus Luke of Winston-Salem, Salisbury has become a well-known hot spot for the sport. Luke travels the country promoting pickleball and is credited with stoking the game’s popularity in the Salisbury and Winston-Salem areas.“I had one college player in Florida with spring break coming up who wanted to spend the week playing pickleball,” said Luke. “And he wanted to play against the best, so I told him to come to this area.”’ Like many of the tournament competitors, Luke was a tennis player until trying pickleball four years ago.“I hated it first, then I loved it. And now I am so addicted that I play every day,” he said. “It just works. Playing pickleball is like family. We play together, sit together, eat together and just enjoy each other.” Players are rated at various levels and compete in singles, doubles and mixed doubles.  ScreenHunter 520

Credit – The Salisbury Post

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