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Player Spotlight

North Carolina “Superstar” Pick Of The Week – Kirsten Ward from Statesville,NC – I had a chance to catch up with Kirsten at the 2019 Powerade Games this weekend at Charlotte, NC. Kirsten is a 20+ tennis player who recently picked up pickleball. Marcus Luke and Kirsten earned a Silver medal Saturday in the 19+ against the ever strong team of Sarah Yates-Parker and Jacob Noble. Kirsten is on our watch list and you will be seeing her again soon on the medal stand.

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Florida Goes “More” Pickleball Crazy

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Special Florida Edition

Naples Florida, home of the US Open, is currently the top Florida destination for pickleball in Florida.  Each year, the Open hosts over 2,000 players and spectators for this mega event.  However, the Florida landscape is changing with more and more pickleball facilities in the queue.  The Pickleball Plex, under construction in Punta Gorda, is but another example. The plex will feature 32 courts (SEE CONCEPT DRAWING)ScreenHunter 662

Another venue, Pickleball Daytona, is also under construction and will be completed later this year. The plex will feature 24 courts along with a Clubhouse featuring locker rooms, massage room, and player shop.

ScreenHunter 663

The Daytona complex, known as (Pictona) will feature  “pickleball and Daytona”

Here are some of the features of Pictona:

o 24 courts with 8-foot sides and 10 feet behind base lines
o 8 covered courts
o LED lighting on all courts
o Fences separating each court
o Court layout designed for optimal viewing without looking through fences
o Center pavilion for shade, restrooms, and hydration
o Restaurant serving healthy, tasty foods, along with beer and wine
o Clubhouse featuring locker rooms, massage room, and player shop
o Lounge for relaxation and viewing pickleball videos
o Game room featuring table tennis, corn hole, and other activities
o “Skybox” viewing of the 8 covered pickleball courts

ScreenHunter 664

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Minto U.S. Open Pickleball Championships at East Naples Community Park

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US Open Results

ScreenHunter 621

Simone Jardim hugs Irina Tereschenko after winning the US Open Pickleball Championship Women’s Pro Singles game, Sunday, April 28, 2019, on the Zing Zang Championship Court at East Naples Community Park. Minto U.S. Open Pickleball Championships

at East Naples Community Park

Tuesday, April 30

Mixed Doubles

19+ — Anna Leigh Waters-Kyle Yates

25+ — Catherine Parenteau-Joey Farias

30+ — Sarah Ansboury-Tyson McGuffin

35+ — Katie Dyer-Rick Witsken

40+ — Leigh Waters-Dave Weinbach

45+ — Susan Baze-Steve Deakin

50+ — Cammy McGregor-Brian Staub

55+ — Lisa Naumu-Scott Moore

60+ — Helle Sparre-Mike Toolson

65+ — Hilary Marold-Gregg Whitfield

70+ — Yvonne Hackenberg-Jim Hackenberg

75+ — Keller-Johnson

Wednesday, May 1

Men’s Skill/Age Doubles

Senior Pro Doubles — Dave Weinbach-Barry Waddell

3.5 60+ — Chip Rogers-Mike Miksza

3.5 65+ — Mike Brown-Brant Latham

3.5 70+ — Ron Smith-Bob McQueen

4.0 70+ — Dean Refakes-Brian Smith

3.0 70+ — David Chipple-Bob Eirons

3.0 75+ — Rollie Hemmett-Vic Glover

4.0 75+ — Ron Hohman-Fred Drilling

3.5 75+ — Payne-Bachman III

4.0 55+ — Dave Johel-Jamie Wilen

4.5 19-49 — Brian Brooks-Jordan DeWeerd

3.5 80+ — Sparks-Davis

4.5 70+ — Sher Collins-Edward Klarman

5.0 19-49 — William Sobek-Rosti Sobek



Atlantic South Region Parrish Named USAPA’S Director of Athletic Competition

North Carolina Pickleball

Atlantic South Region Parrish Named USAPA’S Director of Athletic Competition

Karren Parish and Jack Thomas

Karen Parrish with USAPA President Jack Thomas

SURPRISE, Az. (April 30, 2019) – The USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) has recently added another member to its growing list of staff personnel. And, the latest addition is no stranger to the USAPA.

Karen Parrish, former USAPA Atlantic Regional Director from 2013-2017 and current District Ambassador for the Emerald Coast District in the Florida Panhandle will be the governing body’s Managing Director of Competition.

In her new position with the organization, Parrish will oversee USAPA’s competition department with an emphasis on growing and streamlining all sanctioned tournament play, including the USAPA regional tournaments and the National Championships. In addition to tournaments, Parrish will also oversee USAPA staff whose responsibilities include ratings, equipment testing/standards, referees and other competition-related areas. “My first order of business is a trip to the US Open Pickleball Championships in Naples so I can observe and meet with several industry contacts who will be attending,” said Parrish.  “I will then immediately reach out and begin working with USAPA’s 11 Regional Directors on the upcoming regional tournaments.”

Parrish, along with David Jordan, Anne Reynolds and Kyle Klein will serve as an event chair for the 2019 Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships. The event this year will be held November 2-10 at the world-famous Indian Wells Tennis Garden facility in Indian Wells, CA (near Palm Springs, CA).

“USAPA is extremely fortunate to have a person of Karen’s caliber and knowledge of the sport of pickleball to lead our competition department,” said USAPA Executive Director, Justin Maloof. “She brings a great deal of enthusiasm and a desire to grow our sport and will certainly continue to elevate pickleball to the next level. I couldn’t be happier to have her join our team.”

Parrish grew up in a family that featured highly-competitive athletes which fueled her passion for sports. After high school, she played competitive slow pitch softball for over 25 years and then three years on the diamond playing women’s professional baseball. However, it was the sport of pickleball that stirred her soul in so many ways. “I have to say I have never played a sport with so much enthusiasm, joy, sweat and tears as I have pickleball. In my opinion, it’s one of the greatest sports ever played.”

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