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Kondom is condom in a German. Choose best material condom STDs and as a contraception method.

Kondom? condom?

Kondom? condom?

Kondom is an German word that is condom in English. In Latin, condom means is to prevent. Condom is a thin shell for the men's penis. Usually it is made by rubber. But now it can be available in other material too, synthetic rubber, polyurethane, polyisoprene, etc. Couple can select any types of condom. Female condom or girls condom are generally made with polyurethane material. Condom is used in sexually intercourse with the partner. It is an best contraception method that prevent you from unwanted pregnancy and STDs(sexually transmitted diseases). Condom can be worn by the men on their penis while having sex.

Men should know how to choose condom and when condom use. Men can choose condom not only according to material, but size and thickness too. There are different types of condom. It is available in many size like S, M, L, XL, etc. Men should go with small size condom if he has small penis or if he has large penis, can go with large condom. Condom thickness is directly depend on the comfort. More thin condom gives more comfort and more pleasure. Thin condom allow real touch penis to the women. Thin condom have 0.01mm, 0.02mm and 003mm.

How to use condom ?Let's give me some answer.

  • Do you want to be a parent?

  • Do you want to be experience the STDs?

  • If your answers is no, then you should start using the condom in the sex. Couples thick they can use other contraception method to prevent birth control like pills etc. But they do not known about their harm and it does not save you from STDs. Many people know the importance and valubality of what is condom but there are only few people who use the condom. So condom should be your first thing before having sex.

    Condom hiv is best contraception methods and safer to. Deciding to wear condom is not enough. You have to know about how to wear condom effectively. While take condom from the package. Be careful. Make sure it does not make any tear on the condom. Now, place the condom on the tip of the penis with two forefingers. Time to roll down the condom, make sure roll to the base of penis. Now you are ready to perform sex.

    Remember never use same condom in multiple sexual act. Open new condom for new sexual intercourse. Because it can break down during the intercourse. After proper use of condom, remove condom from the penis and wrap it in the tissue and throw it in the dustbin.