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How to use condoms properly? Check expiry date before use condom to prevent from STD'S.

How to use condoms properly?

How to use condoms properly?

To use a condom in correct way, is essential. Let's know about what is condom? how to use condoms? Check the expiry date mention on the package. If it is expired, avoid to use. It may spoil your sexual act. Open the condom or kondom package carefully so that the condom are not scratched. Check the front and back end of the condom with front end cover the top of glans with the use of two forefinger. Make sure there is no air remain in the condom. Gently roll down the condom on the erect penis till the base of penis. I this case, do not involve the pubic hair. There is chances that it could have some sexual fluid when roll down. Be careful and grab the another one. Use some drops of lubricant on all types of condoms, So breakage of condom is decrease and pleasure increase between partners. Make sure, do not use oil based lubricant like Vaseline or body lotion. It increase the chances of condom breakage. If increase time gets longer, try another way and chance the condom. After proper use of condom, remove the condom. Tie a knot on the end of condom, then wrap in the tissue and throw in the dustbin.

Failure also depending on usage.

Failure also depending on usage

In the market different typs of condom are available. The incorrect use of condoms, make a big issue for couples. They may leads to STDs (Sexually transmitted disease) , unwanted pregnancy and in HIV condoms are very protected. The probability of pregnancy rate is increase in girls condom by failure rate. Condom is best contraceptive method that women prefer, if it get fail. It is not good. Although if talk about failure rate of condom contraceptive method, it is only 3% to 4%. It percent is not small, it may soil your sexual life. This failure rate is causes just by incorrect method of wearing and using wrong type of personal lubricant. Do you know how condom contraceptive method is important for the couples. Male should know about all method to wear before use. Male have to make sure with condom before use that it is not tiers and there is no air bubbles in condom. It may cause condom failure. People should know how to choose the condom and when to use the condom. And about lubricants, avoid to use oil based lubricants. People can easily buy the condom from online store or from shop.