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Holiday Smash Registration Hit 95+

North Carolina Pickleball

Special Holiday Smash Edition

The Carolina Courts Annual Holiday Smash is slated to, once again, be a highlight as we begin to wrap up the 2018 pickleball season.  The SMASH, as it is called, features some of the top talent in North Carolina and surrounding states.  As of the end of September, registrations were already nearing 100 with still almost two months to go.

Please log onto Pickleball Tournaments and register today.

Finally, please send us youR 2019 tournament schedules when available.


Holiday Smash 2018

Holiday Smash 2018 Registration Now Open -Now Enjoy our “2017 Flashback”

North Carolina Pickleball

Special Holiday Smash 2017 FLASHBACK

Carolina Court’s beautiful 18 indoor court facility was “buzzing” this past weekend as the annual North Carolina Holiday Smash took the town by storm.  The event is held annually at Concord, NC which is located just outside of Charlotte, NC.  Now enjoy the action and some of our photos.ScreenHunter_4481 Nov. 19 17.50


March Madness Promo 1

North Carolina “Beat The Heat” Survey Results

North Carolina Pickleball

Beat The Heat Customer Service Survey Results

North Carolina Pickleball would like to thank all of our players who took the time to complete our post tournament survey.  We learned a lot from your comments and strive to improve at all levels.  The Carolina Courts Staff and Jon and I are very proud of our volunteers who help us earn a 4.3 overall rating out of 5.

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Post Joins Carolina Courts Pickleball Team

North Carolina Pickleball

Post New Assistant Tournament Director

Carolina Courts is pleased to announce the addition of Jon Post to the tournament team.  Jon is a 4.5 player and well known both in the region and locally.  Jon also hosts an annual pickleball tournament in Salisbury NC.  Jon will join Bob Nibarger as they will team up to bring you the very best tournaments in North Carolina.  Other team members include Scott Chitwood, CEO and Manager of Carolina Courts, Jon Jenrette “facilities” and a host of volunteers.  The Cabarrus County Convention Bureau is also a huge supporter of North Carolina Pickleball.  Two title sponsors include Paddletek and Onix.  Welcome Jon we are so glad to have you on the team.  ScreenHunter_5506 Aug. 14 14.40

Jon with his lovely wife and son Abraham

Leland Dream Now Reality

North Carolina Pickleball



It’s a sweet sport with a sour name: pickleball.

The game has been around for more than 50 years, but one county in the region is a hotbed for the sport.

Pickleball originated in Bainbridge Island, Wash., when two men decided to use an old badminton court to get their families out of the house and give them something to do. They couldn’t find badminton rackets so they improvised and used ping pong paddles with a perforated ball.

Brunswick County is full of retirees who like pickleball, which is part of the reason Brunswick County resident and pickleball player Richard Holloman decided to start the House of Pickleball in Leland.

“We said, ‘We are gonna build a world-class indoor pickleball facility,'” Holloman said. “It’s been a two-year dream that’s now a reality.”

“I thought, this game sounds crazy, and then I tried it and got hooked, which is a really common story,” U.S pickleball champion Corrine Carr said at the new facility on opening day.

The 12,000 square foot facility is pickleball palace of sorts, boasting six indoor courts to keep up with the craze that’s a combination of tennis, badminton and ping pong often played by retirees.

“Tennis is pretty hard on the joints and pickleball, you can take a tennis player and they can enjoy a game with similarities, but without any discomfort,” said Carr.

Most players say the game is about the social aspect, and the camaraderie, not the competition.

“Everyone is so friendly,” Carr said. “You are out there with people that all love this game. You don’t have to be a pro. Anyone can come out and have fun.”

“I hope it becomes the fun center of Brunswick County, the place to go to have fun,” Holloman said. “The beauty of pickleball is you can play with grandparents, parents and children, all three in the same game, and everyone leaves and says, ‘Wow, that was fun.'”

Source  WETC TV


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