Pickleball Global – Pickleball Live Stream Pioneer –

North Carolina Pickleball

Special – Pickleball Global – Pickleball Video Stream Pioneer – 

North Carolina pickleball has stated on several occasions and on social media that the true future of pickleball viewership is VIDEO STREAMING – To date, pickleball is not really a spectator sport.  Rewind to the 2018 USAPA Nationals at Indian Wells and you can clearly see the center courts could be better attended.  Now enter Pickleball Global.  Pickleball Global is a software company located in Florida.  Global provides a variety of services for pickleball but perhaps the most intriguing in live coverage of matches from their headquarters.  Below is one of their flyers announcing an upcoming event in April featuring some top pickleball players in the US.  Kudos to Global and let’s hope this trend continues and we can continue to view top matches live or by stream.  In any case, we think your efforts will start a trend of live video for the fast growing sport.

Pickleball Global East West

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