Pickleball Bar Opening in San Antonio Later This Year

North Carolina Pickleball

Pickleball Expands in Bar Restaurant Venues

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Chicken-N-Pickleball is leading the charge combining pickleball in a restaurant/bar setting.  Such is the case as their new facility in San Antonio. The sprawling four acre Chicken-N-Pickle complex coming to San Antonio later this year will feature four bars. The original location lies just north of downtown Kansas City, Missouri, a second location opened this week in Wichita, Kansas and San Antonio will open the third location.  Kellen Mumm, the company’s VP of business development, said in an email that they expect to break ground in San Antonio by the end of March, with plans to open later this year.  The four bars will be balanced around 11 pickleball courts and a massive restaurant featuring rotisserie chicken amid other chef-driven bar fare.  Mumm said that while the San Antonio menu will follow that of their other locations, they plan to spend considerable time sourcing food and drink from local purveyors and brewers. When any company expands into Texas, targeting San Antonio first is atypical. Speaking to this, Mumm mentioned the right spot (the corner of UTSA blvd and Vance Jackson) becoming available, the city’s projected growth and even the people. “Our team quickly fell in love with the city and the exciting growth potential there, and wanted to be a part of it.”

Story and photo complements of the San Antonio Times

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