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When you think about traveling to Southern California, visions of sunshine and beaches dance in your head. Certainly not … pickleball? “Nationwide, the popularity of pickleball is on the rise and as a wellness resort it’s a trend we’ve had on our radar,” says Nusrat Mirza, General Manager of Coronado Island Marriott Resort & Spa. In fact, Mirza and team have rolled out a new package for potential guests, based entirely around this charming sport. From now until the end of June, pickleball enthusiasts can book a package (starting at $299) that includes an hour of instruction from champion Lon Krantz, a complimentary reusable water bottle, celebratory Blood Mary (topped with a pickle, of course) and unlimited time and access to the courts. As part of their current renovation, set to be done this Spring, the property will be adding four new pickleball courts, bringing the total to eight. If pickleball isn’t your thing, the Marriot offers a variety of other opportunities to incorporate wellness into your stay. Bikes are readily available for those who prefer pedaling the local area and tennis and basketball courts beckon you to lace up your sneakers. If you’re looking to get into the water, enjoy one of the three pools on-site, including a lap pool.

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A 6,000 square foot, two-story fitness center provides guests with all of your state-of-the-art, standard gym equipment. Complimentary exercise classes are also an option for those who need some motivation or prefer a group setting.Additionally, the resort has an impressive spa and wellness program which offers customizable wellness retreats and a Spa Cafe designed around “conscious cuisine.”

The idea came from Executive Chef, Michael Poompan, who wanted to incorporate nutrition while taking into consideration different dietary needs. With a solid understanding of the relationship between food and its ability to impact both our mind and body, “conscious cuisine” was born. A fun aspect of this idea the “Wellness Bento Box,” which can be customized with an array of healthy sides, proteins, sandwiches and entrées. Cold-pressed juices are also available.

Of course wellness doesn’t always mean you are on-the-move or indulging in an array of spa treatments. It can simply mean, being still and taking in the beauty around you. The 16-acre waterfront that is home to the Coronado Marriott allows for exactly these moments of solitude. Whether peering at the San Diego city skyline or taking in the salted-scent of the sea, a tranquil energy is bound to find you.

“Our goal is to offer activities, spaces, and amenities that help travelers achieve physical and mental well-being” says Mirza.

And pickleball is just one of the ways they are able to do so.

I am a Maine-based writer, traveling solo and with my family to destinations that inspire wellness. From the food we eat, the beverages we sip, the four walls where we rest our heads and the activities we seek … each is chosen in hopes of gaining a perspective that is different. Erinne is a Maine-based writer. For more, follow along on Twitteror visit www.erinnemagee.com   

 Forbes Magazine 2019

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