Spec Tennis Coming To A Court Near U

North Carolina Pickleball

Special Spec Tennis Overview

North Carolina Pickleball received a very interesting promotional note in our inbox.  The information announced a new sport introduced and currently being played in California.  The Sport is Spec Tennis.  Spec Tennis is a new paddle sport that utilizes a pickleball court.  The sport has it’s own equipment and rules.  Here is what we received:

Dear All,

Please check out Spec Tennis

It’s been gaining popularity in California.


Spec Tennis is played on a pickleball court with a different paddle, ball, and style of play similar to tennis.

The “kitchen” rule does not apply to Spec.

Many pickleball clubs have reached out to me with interest in adding it to their program.

Reasons Spec Tennis could be of interest to you:

1) Players may enjoy playing both pickleball & Spec–especially those who come from a tennis background.

2) It helps solve the noise problem that many communities fight pickleball on.

3) Demonstrates the need to build more pickleball courts by showing that there are multiple groups using the court.

4) It lessens the tension between tennis and pickleball players

Please let me know how I can help you learn more about Spec, and how you can try it out!




Spec Tennis
The Tennis Player’s Competitive Alternative to Pickleball

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