Mayberry Tournament Results

North Carolina Pickleball 

by Jack Moore

Mayberry Tournment Results – Summary Below


 The 2nd Annual Mayberry Pickleball Tournament was held this past weekend in Mount Airy, NC.  The tournament attracted 90+ players from across the state of North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia & South Carolina.  All proceeds from the tournament benefitted the Surry County Health Foundation which funds community-health related projects.

Tournament Co-Director, Jack Moore, stated “This was our second tournament and it was a huge success!  We appreciate the support from the community and their sponsorship. The two “Meet & Greets” were a blast!  It was fun hearing all the laughter, jokes and tall-tales!!”

“Feedback from our participants was positive and we are already planning how to make next year’s event even better.  The quality of players was outstanding and we appreciate everyone’s enthusiastic support.”  All First Place winners received a granite award.  Moore further stated, “We wanted to provide them (the tournament winners) with a unique award to commemorate their stay in Mount Airy. Since our city is noted for having the world’s largest open-faced granite quarry and our nickname is “the Granite City”, so we thought a granite award was fitting.”

Play began on Saturday morning with both Men’s and Women’s Doubles.  The Men’s 18-49/50-64/65+ (4.0 Division) played a Round Robin format with each team getting to play 4 games.  The Medalists were as follows:  First Place- Joe Bochicco & Bill Harris (4-0); Silver Medals- Tom Jacobson & Scott Siewert (3-1); Bronze Medalists- Todd Burris & Tobi Marshall (2-2).  Moore stated, “Joe and Bill were a force all day.  They only allowed 21 points against an incredibly strong field.” Moore further stated, “The Silver-Bronze game was pulled out by a 15-14 score by Jacobson-Siewert over Burris-Marshall.  Both teams played well and made some incredible shots.”

The Men’s 65+ (4.0 Division) winners were from the Warrenton (NC) Pickleball Club:  Stan Brothers & Ken Steiert. “These guys competed hard and merited their Granite Awards”, stated Moore.

The Men’s 3.5 Division (18-49/50-64) played a 3-game guarantee bracket and was won by Larry Formicella & Scott Richardson (from Mt Airy).  According to Moore, “Formicella and Richardson dominated this bracket, winning every game by 5 points or more.” Silver Medalists were Bill McLain and Jack Smith (Gateway YWCA/Winston-Salem, NC) and the Bronze Medalists were Dave Esquedo & Avie Ownby (Tennessee).  Moore said, “McLain & Smith lost their first match and battled their way through the Elimination Bracket and won the Bronze-Silver match 11-5.  Esquedo/Ownby made a great team and were technically sound.”

Jackie Lewis-Co-Tournament Director & USAPA Ambassador for Surry/Yadkin Counties said, “The Men’s 3.5 Division 65+ age group were pretty evenly matched.  Several games were decided by 1 or 2 points.  These guys were fun to watch.” Medalists were as follows:  Granite Awards- Greg Dunn & David Thomas (Pilot Mountain); Silver- Danny Bowland (Burlington) & Tom Whitlow (Winston-Salem); and Bronze- Bob Burns (Chapel Hill) and Charles Duncan. Lewis stated, “Dunn & Thomas played flawlessly throughout the day; and Bowland-Whitlow & Burns-Duncan had a tight match for Silver-Bronze.”

The Women’s Doubles 3.5 64 and under Division also played a 3-game guarantee bracket.  Lewis stated, “The Granite Awards match was a real battle but Lucia Delchamps and Melissa Ownby (Tennessee) eventually prevailed over Silver Medalists and an always strong team of Sharon Davis & Sharon McKenzie.  The Bronze Medalists were also very competitive:  Carol Frysick & Lori Gaskins (New Bern, NC).”

The Women’s Doubles 3,5 Division (65+) played a 4 game Round Robin.  Gwen Deyton & Bonnie Hensel (Greensboro, NC) won the Granite Awards.  Silver Medalists were:  Dona Bowland & Phyllis Wagoner.  Bronze Medalists were:  Dianne Hankins & Mary Neely (Statesville, NC).  Jack Moore stated, “Hankins & Neely played their first 3.5 Division tournament and proved they belonged by having a strong showing finishing with a 2-2 record.  The Championship match between Deyton/Hensel and Bowland/Wagoner was a tremendous battle.  Deyton/Hensel squeezed out a 15-13 victory.  These ladies played their hearts out!”

The Women’s 4.0 Division Bronze Medalists were:  Candice Moore (Mt Airy, NC) & Deb Richter.  According to Moore, “These ladies were highly competitive and earned their medals.  To determine the Granite Awards winners, we had to play an extra match because after all our tie-breaker criteria (overall record, points allowed & head-to-head record), these two teams were still even.  The final match was decided by a 15-13 score.  This year’s Granite Awards winners were from Chapel Hill, NC:  Marina Heatzig & Jennifer Johnson. Silver Medalists and a very good team were:  Suzanne Flynt & Yira Pia.”

On Sunday, the Mixed Doubles 4.5 Division played.  Moore stated, “Our finalists both went 3-0, and then played each other a best of 3 series.  Both matches were exciting and filled with amazing return shots, textbook lobs and ferocious slams.  The spectators were vocal and gave these athletes a thunderous round of applause throughout their matches.  It’s easy to see why Keith Ferger/Yira Pia and Mark Rankin/Suzanne Flynt are considered to be some of the BEST players in North Carolina and our Region!!!  After the dust settled, Ferger/Pia won the Granite Awards by scores of 11-9 and 12-10.  Silver Medals were presented to Rankin/Flynt.”

The Mixed Doubles 4.0 Division Medalists were:  18-49 Granite Awards – Candice Moore/Tobi Marshall; 65+ Granite Awards- Linda Kidd/Stan Brothers; and 50-64- Granite Awards – Marina Heatzig/Joe Bochicco (7-1); Silver- Deb Richter/Scott Siewert (4-3); and Bronze- Jennifer Johnson/Bill Harris (3-4).  Jack Moore stated, “Heatzig/Bochicco’s only loss on the day came at the hands of Ferger/Pia.  They had several close matches but executed well at the end of the games.  They were playing together for the first time but you never would have known it by their excellent communication and stellar performance.  Richter/Siewert, Johnson/Harris and Moore/Marshall had several close games.  All three of these teams had a great showing in this tournament.”

The Mixed Doubles 3.5 Division (65+) played a 3-Game guarantee bracket.  Jackie Lewis stated, “This bracket was a WAR!  All three finalists were excellent teams.  It just simply came down to which team made the fewest mistakes and that team was Bonnie Hensel/Greg Dunn (Granite Awards); Silver medals went to Phyllis Wagoner/Jack Smith and Bronze medals were given to Sandra Miley/Carl Parks.”

The final bracket of the day, and one of the most competitive, was the Mixed Doubles 3.5 Division (64 & Under).  Jackie Lewis stated, “Just about every game was decided by 4 points or less.  Every team in this bracket had a legitimate chance to win it all.  But our Medalists were:  Bronze- Lucia Delchamps/David Thomas (this team lost their first match and persevered their way through the Elimination Bracket to earn their medals); Silver- Madison Lewis/Brandon Emory. Madison stole the hearts of our spectators with her fierce, competitive spirit and adept skills for a fifteen-year old! Emory was the perfect partner with his encouraging words, mentoring and near flawless performance. Granite Awards went to Lori Gaskins/Bill Evans. They defeated Lewis/Emory twice to claim the championship.  This team’s experience and excellent game strategy was evident during the finals match.  Both players displayed great determination, superior court coverage and extremely quick hands.

Overall, the folk from “Mayberry” witnessed some amazing Pickleball, established new friendships and raised in excess of $4800 for a very worthwhile cause!!!

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