North Carolina Slam Tournament Photos

North Carolina Pickleball

North Carolina screenhunter_3022-feb-05-09-28

Womens Doubles

5.0 – 4.5   Stephanie Lane and Chastity Hill   S.  Sandra Stewart and Mary Atkins – B               L Vancza-Suz Flint

4.0   G.  Peggy Castorri and Joannah Michael -S. Trish  Snyder and Bohn B. Tank and Beth Corn

3.5 G  Jen Johnson-Marina Heatzig  S. Carol Chun-Sharon Davis- B. Suzan Phillips-Cathy Bestall

3.0  G.  Karen Pridmore-Jane Brittain S. Jana Nebrat-Lisa Sowers-B Ann Barkley-Lynn Rogers

SLAM Photos

The first ever North Carolina SLAM is in the books.Special thanks to our fabulous volunteers, Carolina Courts, Paddletek, Pickleball Central, ProLite, Pickleball Rocks and to visiting Stephanie Lane and her daughter LeEllen for their visit.  I hope you enjoy the following photos. The next tournament is August .Bob Nibarger – Tournament Director….












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