North Carolina Pickleball

Indoor Facility Update – Leland NC

LELAND NC – Pickleball Destination – well maybe, if Richard Holloman can convince the town to invest in his idea of a new indoor facility with an estimated price tag of $600,000.00 to 1 Million Dollars. Richard, whom I have spoken with several times, just completed a year’s worth of study and he is now ready for the town to take action to determine the benefits of building an indoor pickleball facility in Leland. Pickleball is not new to the area as Waterford, Magnolia Greens and Brunswick Forest all feature outdoor courts on which to play pickleball, Brunswick Forest resident Richard Holloman has other ideas. “The economic impact that this creates would not have the value to an individual owner as it has to a local government,” Holloman said. Along with promoting and “branding” the area as a pickleball destination, Holloman said an indoor facility would provide players much-needed protection from weather, especially during tournaments. Holloman said the Leland area has already featured a number of tournaments, drawing an average of 120 players per tournament. The number of pickleball players in Leland totals about 700, while about 1,200 exist countywide, he said, though the tournaments draw players from other areas as well. Seen below is John DAbrasco, local Brunswick Forest resident in action. Photo and content credits Star News Online – You may contact Richard at 910-352-1658 with your ideas and suggestions to assist him with his dream. “Keep Your Paddle Up”


  Brunswick Forest Player John DAbrasco

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