North Carolina Pickleball

Special ONIX Comment EditionScreenHunter_1967 Jul. 31 05.59

Social media has been a firestorm this past week as players both junior and pro post their comments about the new ball on Facebook.  The center of the controversy is how the ball plays and the decision to use the ball at the upcoming Tournament of Champions.  Below are but a few of the comments posted this week as Rodney Allman, Charlotte area, posted a survey that quickly turned into a “firestorm” of comments.  

In closing, like anything else “time will tell”  The dura ball has it’s own set of problems like “getting out of round plus wobbles” so there are pros and cons for each.  Visit the USAPA web site for all approved balls at http://ipickleball.org/rules/List%20of%20Approved%20Balls.pdf .  Remember that approved balls only apply to sanctioned tournaments.  My recommendation is, choose the ball you like and enjoy the game.

One comment

  • Big fan, one thing I have noticed is that it plays very similar to the indoor Juggs ball so it is an easy transition from inside to out. I can see where players that play outside all the time might dislike the ball at first because of the differnent feel but given time I think they would like it. Another thing that I have noticed for those of us with severe tennis elbow is that this softer ball makes a real difference. My elbow is much better playing with these softer balls than the rocks (Dura) we used to play with. We have switched to these balls exclusively when playing outdoors..


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