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Mayberry Tournament Results – Mount Airy North Carolina

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 The inaugural Mayberry Pickleball Tournament was held this past weekend in Mount Airy, NC. The tournament attracted 76 players from all across the state of North Carolina and teams from Virginia & South Carolina. All proceeds from the tournament benefitted the Surry County Health Foundation that funds community-health related projects.

Tournament Co-Director, Jack Moore, stated “the tournament was a huge success! Feedback from our participants was positive and we are already planning how to make next year’s event even better. The quality of players was outstanding and we appreciate everyone’s enthusiastic support.” All First Place winners received a granite award. Moore further stated, “We wanted to provide them (the tournament winners) with a unique award to commemorate their stay in Mount Airy. Since our city is noted for having the world’s largest open-faced granite quarry and our nickname is “the Granite City”, we thought a granite award was fitting.”

Play began on Saturday morning with both Men’s and Women’s Doubles. The Men’s 18-49 (4.0+ Division) played a Round Robin format with each team getting to play 6 games. The Medalists are as follows: First Place- Tony Carr & Rene Lemar (6-0); Silver Medal- Tommy Boyette & Kris Shepherd (5-1); Bronze Medalists- Nathan Guy & Marcus Luke (4-2). Moore stated, “Tony and Rene were dominant. They only allowed an amazing 33 points against an incredibly strong field.”

The Men’s 50+ (4,0+ Division) was also a Round Robin event. First Place- Ed Bailey & John Stevens; Silver Medal- Chris Coley & Mark Sanford; Bronze Medal- John Bullins & Tobi Marshall. Moore stated that, “All of these finalists were pretty evenly matched. Several games were decided by a 15-14 score. These guys were fun to watch.”

The Men’s 3.5 & below Division played a 3-game guarantee bracket and was won by Danny Bowland & Tom Whitlow; Silver Medals- Craig Bell & Chuck Smith; Bronze Medals- Albert Noda & Jerry Motsinger. According to Jack Moore, “Danny and Tom had a fantastic tournament. They went undefeated but were definitely challenged throughout their bracket. Bell & Smith were also impressive in all of their respective matches.”

The Women’s 18-49 (4.0+ Division) played a Round Robin schedule. First Place- Lloyd Ford & Sarah Yates; Silver- Mary Helen Atkins & Chastity Hill; Bronze Medal- Kayla Johnson & Megan Washburn. Moore stated that, “Both Ford and Yates are phenomenal players. These ladies may arguably be the best female team in NC. They should perform well in USAPA Regionals & Nationals. Atkins & Hill and Johnson & Washburn are both highly skilled, competitive teams. All they lack is more playing time together.”

The Women’s 50+ (4.0+ Division) also played a Round Robin with First Place going to- Jennifer Butler & JoAnnah Michael; Silver Medal- Renee Bailey & Sandra Boyette; Bronze Medal- Donna Bowland & Phyllis Wagoner. According to Moore, “Jennifer & JoAnnah went undefeated but most of their matches were extremely close. The Silver-Bronze was decided by a tie-breaker. That’s how tough this bracket was to win.”

Women’s 3.5 & below Division played a 3-game Guarantee Bracket. First Place went to- Tina Boston & Sandra Miley; Silver Medal- Sharon Davis & Sharon MacKenzie; Bronze Medal- Gwen Deyton & Bonnie Hensel. Moore stated, “Tina and Sandra played flawlessly. They went undefeated but were seriously challenged by the Rock Hill, SC team (Davis & MacKenzie).”

Mixed Doubles was played on Sunday with these results:

18-49 (4.0+ Division)- First Place: Lloyd Ford & Marcus Luke; Silver Medal- Mary Helen Atkins & John Bullins; Bronze Medal- Chastity Hill & Kris Shepherd. Moore stated that, “Ford & Luke had to play through the Elimination Bracket to win this tournament. The battle for first place was exciting and extremely well played. Mary Helen & John also had a super tournament. Ford & Luke will be a force on the National scene..wait and see!”

18-49 (3.5 & below Division) was won by Candice Moore & Tobi Marshall; Silver went to Linda Nash & Gerald Smith. Moore stated, “Candice and Tobi were undefeated and only allowed 8 points throughout their tournament. Smith was playing in his first-ever tournament and displayed a lot of promise.”

50+ (4.0+ Division)- First Place- Jennifer Butler & Jon Post; Silver Medal- Renee Bailey & Ed Bailey; Bronze Medal- JoAnnah Michael & Les Massengale. Moore stated, “This bracket played a Round Robin format and the First Place-Silver was decided by a tie-breaker. The Bronze Medal was also decided by a tie-breaker. This was an evenly matched bracket that was decided in the final round. These teams were highly competitive and entertaining.”

50+ (3.5 & below Division) First Place- Sandra Miley & Carl Parks; Silver Medal- Tina Boston & Tom Whitlow; Bronze Medal- Sharon Davis & Chuck Smith. “Sandra & Carl came to play and took no prisoners. They were great together. Boston & Whitlow were also tough as nails and made winning this bracket a true fight to the finish.”

Overall, the folk from “Mayberry” witnessed some amazing Pickleball, established new friendships and raised in excess of $3000 for a very worthwhile cause!!!



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