North Carolina Pickleball

Special Feature – Deb Harrison

When you think of training you have a lot of choices.  Our web choice for over a year now has been Deb Harrison.  Deb, a Florida resident, can be seen throughout Florida and currently resides in the Villages.  Speaking of the Villages, it is my understanding that there are over 150+ pickleball courts in one of the largest concentrations of pickleball in the country.  Deb is our “official” trainer for North Carolina Pickleball.  Recently, Deb spent two days at a clinic at SUN N FUN at Sarasota, FL.  A total of 25+ students participated in both instruction and hand on drills.  Deb also provided private lessons for those who wanted individual training.

Deb Harrison Training Page

Official Trainer of NC Pickleball Web Page

Click Here To Go To Deb’s Training Page   DEB HARRISON

Deb’s Pickleball Camp CLICK HERE

Deb Harris Clinic SUN N FUN 2016

Deb Harrison Clinic – SUN N FUN Sarasota Florida February 2016


Deb, thanks for all you do and thanks for being such a warm and genuine friend…

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