Rumbling Bald Resort loves Pickleball

North Carolina Pickleball

Rumbling Bald Resort loves Pickleball

We are a small group of pickleball players (5-7) in the winter season that will rationalize playing in just about any condition. 20 degrees? Okay as long as the sun is out and the winds are low!  In the warmer months our numbers swell to 15-20 full time players and being a resort community that hosts Wyndham vacation time shares, we have seen a huge increase in the number of visitors that are now playing in their hometown and want to pick up games while on vacation.  With the increase of visitors participating we were able to solicit the Board of Directors to line the remaining tennis courts with pickleball lines.We have held orientations to recruit local players here at Rumbling Bald Resort in Lake Lure, and we are currently gathering interest in Chimney Rock, NC to organize group play there and hope to have future scrimmages with them!  

Michele Puchala  Ambassador, Lake Lure, NC

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We are Lake Lure, We are Chimney Rock Village.
Lofty views, deep history.

We are a town born of a grand vision in an era where lofty dreams led to bold plans.Influenced by the lake and mountain resorts of Europe, we were envisioned as a sanctuary for serenity and relaxation. We have evolved into a place where generations come to reconnect and newcomers discover a retreat from the rigors of day-to-day life.We are a village built with a deep pioneering spirit to enchant visitors.We are here to delight the young and the young at heart.We are a place that hearkens to a simpler time where the laughter of a child, a friendly smile, and the warmth of a small town captivate our guests.We are the best of all that is Western North Carolina, a setting of unrivaled beauty.Our backdrop is a cathedral of mountain cliffs and our forefront is a rushing river and a serene lake. We are a place where romance and charm converge with a storied history in a stunning setting.We are a place for outdoor adventures, a hike in the woods, a bike ride, a climb on a sheer rock face, a day on the water fishing, boating, or kayaking.We are a place of relaxing inns, charming shops, a stroll on the river—a place to pause, reflect, and be inspired. A place of art, craft, and music and a place of learning.We are a place where guests become residents and those who choose life here wish to move not with the ticking of a clock but with the rhythm of the seasons.Connections here run deep and hold fast.We invite you to experience this amazing place as our welcomed guest or as our future neighbor.



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