Wake Forest Pickleball

North Carolina Pickleball

Wake Forest Pickleball

by USAPA Ambassador Sandy Brasseale

We just started our 2016 Pickleball year off at Wake Forest with our second year of league play. It’s  exciting to see the growth in the play of our folks as they  play with their skill set and progress up the ladder to be more and more competitive. With an average of 40 players each season, we have the top 16 compete in a tournament at the end with a celebration party at a local restaurant and present medals. We are growing now to the point that we are busting at the seams for places to play. It’s a good problem to have but can be very challenging as well. Looking forward to Senior Games coming up and lots of great tournaments in the Triangle and surrounding area.

I still love waking up in the morning knowing I get to go play Pickleball for a few hours with my buddies, the Wake Forest Pickleball Club.

ScreenHunter_1104 Feb. 14 06.06

Wake Forest Pickleball Club 2016

Sandy Brasseale, USAPA AMBASSADOR, Wake Forest, NC

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