YMCA’s Promote Pickleball

North Carolina Pickleball

Jamestown NC

by Paul Kindley

Paul Kindley here.  Yes, things are busy with pickleball in the Triad. We just opened play in Jamestown at the Mary Ragsdall YMCA.  I gave one beginner clinic last Friday with 20+ persons attending. I am scheduled to do two more; one on Friday, February 19 and again on Saturday, March 19.  Regular times for play are Tues and Thurs 8-10 and Friday noon-2. I am attaching the flyer for this location.

I am also doing beginner clinics at the Kernersville YMCA.  I do the first Monday of every month.  I had 22 people last Monday.  Regular times to play are M, T, W, and F from noon until 2:30.  I have also been doing “Skills Drills” at this location.  These have been very popular. Most of us realize drills will improve your game faster than just playing.

I have also agreed to offer a few skills clinics at the King YMCA.  No date set as yet.

I/we have also been talking with the Town of Kernersville about adding a couple of outdoor courts at Civitain Park.  We currently have two outdoor courts at Fourth of July Park.

We have a Valentines Tournament coming up Friday at the Clemmons YMCA and of course the Senior Games are upcoming with registration open now. Many of our folks will be playing in the Jacksonville tournament and at Hilton Head.

ScreenHunter_1071 Feb. 09 05.10
That’s it for now.  Paul

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