Technology Corner for Coaches

North Carolina Pickleball

HIGH TECH TRAINING TOOLS – In past episodes I have discussed various tools to assist you with your game. Today, we take a look at two tools that will greatly enhance your coache’s tool box. The first application is “Coaches Eye” which is available on I Tunes and the second is “Drop Box”. You will need both of these applications to capture videos unless you use the tools explained in the video below. The drop box application enables you to share your videos, lesson plans or documents across a platform with other players or coaches. As example, I could video analyze John Doe, send the video analysis to John, and we could then discuss over Facetime what the video reveals. Using the slo motion and still frame feature, a complete breakdown of each set is very simple. The optimum way to critique is to view on a big screen using a LCD projector or use a I Pad to TV patch using a HDMI cable. Here are the steps to begin your video analysis.

1. Download Coaches Eye from I Tunes
2. Review Coaches Eye Training Videos on U Tube
3. Load Drop Box or use Coaches’ Eye File share as in video below.

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