Virginia Commonwealth Games

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In 1990, the Roanoke Valley held its first Commonwealth Games — a series of Olympic-style competitions.

Those first games included 29 sports and more than 4,400 athletes. Despite the initial success, no one was sure if the games would grow as the years progressed. ScreenHunter_881 Dec. 24 13.06

Now entering its 25th year and 210,000 athletes later, the Commonwealth Games, now underwritten by Subway, are a summer tradition in Southwest Virginia. From basketball to billiards, the games provide competition for all ages and skill levels. Last year alone, the Games hosted more than 9,300 athletes in more than 55 different events.

This summer, the festival will host approximately 60 sporting events, again making the Games the largest multisport festival in Virginia.

“As far as the athletes go, it’s a great event,” board member John Heil said during Wednesday’s news conference to announce the details for this summer’s Games. “It creates a level of enthusiasm and excitement that is a notch above any of the single sport events that you’ll typically encounter.”

ScreenHunter_882 Dec. 24 13.06

ScreenHunter_883 Dec. 24 13.07

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