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Costa Rica
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Greetings from Costa Rica!! As some of you may know, Pickleball in Costa Rica is up and running and has been so for almost a year! We became an ambassador to Costa Rica with the USAPA several months ago and are really anxious to be placed on the map as a fun place to grow the sport, play and visit! At present, Pickleball Costa Rica has 3 courts and more than 20 picklers with 12 of them die hards!. Most are either American or Canadian expats. Pickleball play is in a local, well ventilated gym. Temperatures in San Ramon range from 65 at night to 80 during the day year round with low humidity. Currently we play 3-4 times a week at an elevation of 3900 ft. in the coffee region. Players are invited to come and play anytime and stay for any length of time. Or come on one of our organized pickleball excursions which are scheduled from November of this year through 2017.

Please email or call toll-free with any questions. So grab your friends and come soon! We promise, this will be one of the best trips you will ever make. More information about our group and what we are doing here can be found at our site at http://www.pickleballcostarica.com.

Tony and Celeste Horpel
Ambassador, USAPA

Pickleball Costa Rica
Toll Free from USA: (509) 214-2451
CR; 8369-3087
San Ramon, Alajuela, Costa Rica
Tony and Celeste Horpel

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