Pickleball Sprouting in Tobaccoville

North Carolina Pickleball

Pickleball Sprouting in Tobaccoville

by Jim Pfefferkorn USAPA Ambassador North Carolina

The Village of Tobaccoville North Carline is a small vibrant community of some 2500 mainly rural folks who enjoy among other things, The Village Park which offers a wide range of recreational opportunities including picnic areas, horseshoe pits, basketball courts and two tennis courts.

Tobaccoville bridges both Forsyth and Stokes Counties, and USAPA Ambassador for Stokes County who regularly plays pickleball with a neat lady on the Parks Committee in Tobaccoville got together and talked about the idea of developing a pickleball venue by transforming the relatively unused tennis courts in need of maintenance into a multi-use tennis-pickleball venue.

The Parks Committee pickleball enthusiast circulated a petition which convinced the Village Administrator that the demand for pickleball was evident and the rest is a wonderful story ongoing.

  • Step One was blending a pickleball court onto one of the tennis courts to get the ball rolling. This launched Tobaccoville’s multi-use tennis-pickleball venue.
  • Step Two was a pickleball clinic presented by both USAPA Ambassadors from Stokes County and Winston-Salem, which was part of the Park’s Annual Wellness and Music Festival – and the very good news about this was that the Village Administrator took part in the clinic and became hooked on our sport and this proved to be a super big plus for all.
  • Step Three proved to be a case of perfect timing as the Village of Tobaccoville is planning to recondition the two tennis courts this mid-to-late July. This will eliminate cracks in the surface and the result will be a multi-use recreation area where [1] the non-court surface is green, [2] the tennis court will be a dark blue very similar to the “USTA blue” color. [3] the tennis court lines will be in traditional white and [4] the pickleball lines of the blended in pickleball court will be in the same color family as the court, in this case a sky blue.Pickleball clinics are now offered by the Stokes County USAPA Ambassador every weekend at no cost to pickleball newbies or other players, and the beauty of blending a pickleball court onto an existing tennis court is that this also creates court lines for USTA mini tennis with the court dimensions being about the same as those in pickleball. (Mini tennis courts are 18-20 ft. wide and 36-44 ft. long – which is just about a perfect fit with the 20 X 40 pickleball court blended lines.)Here are a couple of pictures of the clinic formally introducing pickleball to Tobaccoville. This first process was as simple as 1, 2, 3 – dink, serve, play. The rest will be learned along the way, and it’s all fun – just like it’s supposed to be. We will show the completed project in a future article.

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