Cornelius NC Features Summer Youth Pickleball

North Carolina Pickleball

by North Carolina USAPA Ambassador Bob Nibarger
Camp 2

Cornelius NC may be the first North Carolina Parks Department to feature youth summer camp pickleball.  Registration will begin on March 1st and can be completed “on line” a the town of Cornelius web site.  The purpose of the camp is to introduce pickleball to area kids as part of the summer youth camp program.  Volunteers from the Bailey’s Glen Pickleball club will serve as volunteer instructors and assist with the camp.

Pickleball is one of – if not the – fastest growing sports in the country. Originally popularized by a Boomer population looking for something a little more exciting than bingo but less time-consuming than a round of golf, the sport has made a generational jump and is catching fire among people of all ages.

So what’s standing in the way of parks and recreation programs looking to capitalize on this craze? The financial investment, though not negligible, is small. Existing gym space or tennis courts can do double duty as pickleball courts. From there, the USA Pickleball Association recommends a program have, at a minimum, a 34-inch-tall net, at least four pickleball paddles per court and a dozen balls per court. The minimum amount of space recommended for a court is 30 by 60 feet, or four pickleball courts per one standard tennis court. Outdoors, tennis courts can serve as a basis for the game, if communities aren’t ready to invest in a dedicated space. Indoors, lines for pickleball can easily coexist with those for volleyball and basketball.  ++ Athletic Business 

Camp 1 Camp 3 Camp 4

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