Fuquay Continues To Grow

North Carolina Pickleball

Fuquay Continues To Grow by Bob Hendrickson, Local USAPA Ambassador


The play in Fuquay continues to grow we have just ordered 2 more nets and within the next week or so we will have 6 courts for play. Luis Vazques, Cindy Foster and I have been working on Fuquay’s first in house tournament which will take place during the third week in February. This will be a Mixed Blind Draw (Co-Ed teams) . Fuquay, Holly Springs and Apex will each have 8 teams and the top 3 teams from each venue will play at Fuquay for First, Second and Third place. This is intended to be a fun social event as the majority of Fuquay players have never played in tournaments unlike Holly Springs or Apex. This will be a no cost event to encouraging our newer players to find out how much fun it can be. Between the three locations we have over 65 active players, which means we will have close to 70% involved in the tournament. When our tournament is over I will write an article and send some photos.
Three weeks ago Method Road Park in Raleigh opened  6 new outdoor courts which were converted from 3 tennis courts. Joe Borrelli arranged for a local news reporter to do a story about Pickleball. Area Ambassadors were invited to attend and I have attached a few images.


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