North Carolina Pickleball – Year In Review

ScreenHunter_746 Dec. 22 10.332014 was a fantastic year in North Carolina.  The USAPA, seeing the growth, improved state-wide coordination with the addition of three new district ambassadors.  They are Joe Borrelli, Coastal Region, Bob Nibarger, Piedmont Region and Joannah Michael in the Mountain region.  The three state regions are listed on page one.  Now, here is a summary from our president.

E.D. Corner…
Looking Back with an Eye on the Future… 
By Justin Maloof, USAPA Executive Director

Happy New Year!  2014 was such a great year for pickleball and for USAPA, and I know we’re excited to build on our current success. Here are some statistics that demonstrate our growth this past year:

  • Places to play pickleball:  ↑36% to 2,838 (743 locations added in 2014 – nearly 62 per month)
  • Number of pickleball courts:  ↑48% to 9,863 (3,210 courts added in 2014 or 267 per month)
  • USAPA members:  ↑38% to 7,101
  • Facebook page likes:  ↑209% to 2,787
  • USAPA Ambassadors:   ↑39% to 975
  • District Ambassadors:  46 new this year
  • National Tournament Registrations: ↑10% (713 registered players)

Looking back at 2014, we started the year with the launch of our new website. This project spanned nine months so we were glad to finally see it go live. Once the site was up and running, we were able to create and implement new advertising and marketing initiatives. This allowed us to substantially increase our sponsorship revenue this year with improved website and national tournament packages. Let’s also not forget the NBC Nightly News feature that aired in February. This provided a nice boost for the sport and brought pickleball into the homes of millions of Americans.
Looking ahead, 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of pickleball (1965-2015) and the National tournament will have a golden theme this year. Also, USAPA is currently putting the finishing touches on a new pickleball book that’s been in the works for the past 18 months. It is scheduled for wide distribution both nationally and internationally later this year (more details will be shared as we get closer to launch).
I thank all of our members and sponsors for their continued support and look forward to seeing us reach new heights in 2015. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy year both on and off the court!

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