North Carolina Pickeball – Piedmont Region –

Piedmont Ambassador Bob Nibarger

Piedmont Ambassador Bob Nibarger

Bob Nibarger is the USAPA Ambassador for the Piedmont Region of North Carolina.  Bob lists some ideas that you can use to promote pickleball in your area.

1.  Develop rapport with local newspapers and media;

2.  Develop partnerships with churches, schools, youth groups;

3.  Promote pickleball for all age groups;

4.  Work with parks departments to add pickleball to strategic plans;

5.  Host youth summer workshops or camps;

6.  Solicite usapa for scholarship funds;

7.  Conduct pickleball exhibitions at basketball halftimes, fairs or events;

8.  Promote pickleball on social media and FACEBOOK;

9.  Conduct pickleball 101 clinics.

In summary, promoting pickleball can be very rewarding whether you are a player, ambassador or simply a supporter.  Pickleball is fun, easy to learn and inexpensive to start a program.  For more information on “Lessons Learned’, please send Bob an e mail at


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