First Aiken Social Pickleball League season nearing end


Special Aiken SC Club Update

Special Aiken Update   **  The Aiken Standard

Loretta and Michael Beckner brought pickleball to Aiken. Now, Mo Garcia and Jeanne Warczyglowa have brought pickleball to Woodside Country Club. In less than one year Woodside has upwards of 80 pickleball players – men and woman of all ages and skill levels – participating in the new Aiken Social Pickleball League. Jeanne calls them her pioneers. The league, which is comprised of teams from Woodside Country Club, The Reserve Club and Odell Weeks.


It’s a sport for all ages. You can start playing pickleball at any age. It’s easy to learn the basics, but it takes a lot of work to be good at it. Pickleball is a great way to stay active and have fun,” Sally Macy and Judy Sparks said

Cindy Lichty said what she liked most about playing pickleball at Woodside is the laughter shared. Win or lose in the Aiken Social Pickleball League, the Woodside Picklers have fallen in love with pickleball.

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North Carolina Pickleball

Carolina Courts “Indoor Series” Pickleball Tournaments

It has been 3 years in the making and yesterday, an agreement was reached with Carolina Courts (Concord) to host pickleball tournamens for the next two years.  The first tournament is scheduled for February 4, 2016 and will feature a round robin.  Tournament Director Bob Nibarger said:  “I was comletely shocked as the tourament had 20 enroll between 12 midnight and 6 AM.  By 6 PM on Tuesday November 2nd, the tournament was full in severa brackets with wait lists established”.   All of the tournaments are fueled by Pickleball Tournaments.  All 2017 tournaments are posted and may be accesses by clicking on the pickleball tournaments web page.  CLICK HERE   Mark your calendars as these tournaments tend to fill up quickly.




Carolina Courts 2017 Tournament Series

North Carolina Pickleball

Summer Tournament Series

Carolina Courts Concord NC announced today their plans to expand pickleball in the Charlotte North Carolina area.  Three 2017 tournaments are now on the books and will feature 18 indoor courts.  The first tournament is posted for February 4, 2017 and is called the North Carolina Holiday Slam. Tournament two is a summer tournament (Beat The Heat) and will be staged on August 25,26, and 27th 2017.  Practice for the summer tournament will be 0pen on Friday between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM.  Men’s and women’s doubles will be held on Saturday with mixed on Sunday.  Registration will be available on pickleball tournaments 6 months prior to the tournament.  The final date for 2017 will be November 17,18,19 (The Holiday Smash) and will follow the same format as the Summer Beat the Heat tournament.  Notices will be posted soon on pickleball tournaments and the USAPA web sites.  These tournaments sell out in just a few days so mark your calendars. Registration is available through pickleballtournaments.



North Carolina Pickleball

Special Equipment Edition

The annual North Carolina Smash came off without a hitch on Saturday with a Deb Harrison clinic on the preceding Friday.  As tournament director, I was very cautious before I approved the new Pure II indoor.  I observed the Tournament of Champions (TOC) and other venues reaction to the new ball to ensure that our players had the very best experience.  I am pleased to say that the ONIX Pure II Indoor Yellow far exceeded my expectations.  We had both top pros in the 5.0 division plus recreational players.  The ONIX will now be my ball of choice and will be used in my next tournament in February.  Great Job ONIX and special thanks to Escelade for your continued support of pickleball.


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