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Special Super Seniors 

Carolina Courts (Concord) is pleased to announce that the Super Seniors Circuit will be held on August 27th and 28th immediately following the North Carolina Beat the Heat.  Yes, you can attend two tournaments in 4 days according to Carolina Courts sponsor and CEO Scott Chitwood.  Scott added  “we are most pleased to bring the SSIPA circuit to the Charlotte area and hope this tournament will become a staple for our area players.  Registration is already open at Pickleball Tournaments  and early registration indicates that this will be a popular tournament.

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Super Senior International Pickleball Association was formed in 2016 to promote Pickleball among our very active senior population in this country and internationally.  As we get older our generation continues to strive for participation in friendly competition with our fellow seniors and develop friendships that will last a life time.  As we age gracefully and continue to strive for wellness through competition, the SSIPA just might be one more piece of the puzzle of life. The SSIPA supports the Super Senior International Pickleball Tournament Circuit allowing players to compete with other players in their age group, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, and 80+.

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North Carolina Pickleball

Special Charlotte Area Player Feature

Peter Popovich is earning quite a reputation for this pickleball skills. Whether he is playing in the Senior Games, local YMCA, or at the US Open, opponents know they will have a battle on their hands when Peter enters the court.   Peter and his wife Virginia live in the Charlotte area and are very active as both players and also teaching and promoting the game.  Their efforts brought pickleball to the Dowd YMCA in Charlotte.  Peter and Virginia are also an awesome doubles team.  Again, congratulations Peter on your Singles Gold at the US Open 2018.

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North Carolina Pickleball

Special USAPA Announcement

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After several years of planning and testing the USAPA announced yesterday a new rating system for pickleball.  The following announcement was sent to all USAPA Ambassadors yesterday for their “heads up”.

April 17, 2018
USAPA Ambassadors:

The USAPA is excited to announce the new official tournament rating system powered by The new joint venture will greatly enhance the tournament structure for all pickleball events enabling tournament directors to create fair and balanced player brackets while participants will now know their standings from the newly-created rating system.

“We are extremely excited to bring a fully-automated, results-based ratings and ranking system to our sport,” said USAPA Executive Director Justin Maloof. “We believe this system will be a huge benefit to tournament directors and serve as yet another value-add feature to our members.”

The new USAPA Pickleball Tournament Rating System will be similar to those currently being used in tennis, badminton, squash, table tennis, and other sports. Ratings will be extremely accurate, objective and universal. They will be calculated by computer using strategically-created algorithms and will be based on tournament results from the past two years and adopting weighting factors such as tournament format (sanctioned vs. non-sanctioned), recency of play and strength of the player’s opponent. worked closely with data specialists from Pickleball Ratings to develop the new ratings system.

“The agreement with the USAPA to provide tournament ratings fulfills a desire we’ve had at to utilize the large collection of tournament results we’ve collected over the years to improve tournament play experience for players and Tournament Directors,” said President Melissa McCurley. “These tournament ratings will only grow in the benefits provided to USAPA members as well as USAPA-sanctioned tournaments.”

Unlike the 2-digit skill rating (ex. 3.5) that has been used for many years by players, clubs and tournaments, the USAPA Tournament Ratings will be a 4-digit rating (ex. 3.786) and will prove to be more precise. Based on accumulated statistical data, the 4-digit rating will map to a player’s updated or new 2-digit skill level. Examples, a player rating of 3.994 maps to a 3.5 skill level and a 4.014 rating maps to a 4.0 skill level. The USAPA Tournament Ratings will be calculated for five competitive divisions — Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles. USAPA member players will be able to check their ratings on their member profile and by July of this year, players will also be able to view their ratings on their member profile. Additional features will include the ability to access other USAPA member player’s rating, and a list of the “Top 100” rated players in the five divisions.

Improvements to the USAPA Tournament Ratings system will be overseen by an advisory board established by the USAPA. They will include representatives of, major event tournament directors, 5.0 tournament players, statisticians, and computer scientists.

While we wait for the completion and launch of the new rating system, USAPA will no longer be accepting rating recommendations from tournament directors or raters. Players wishing to appeal his/her rating for an event prior to the release may continue to do so by emailing Players without a rating may self-rate following the guidelines on the USAPA website.

Once the new ratings are in place, players will register for tournaments using the new USAPA Tournament Rating. All registrations prior to the release of the new system will not be affected.  An FAQ document is currently being drafted and will be available soon. USAPA and will not be fielding individual questions until the FAQ document is released.


North Carolina Pickleball

Special “Goldbergs” TV Special On Pickleball

In the 1980s, geeky Adam uses a video camera to document his family’s crazy life. His mother, Beverly, is overprotective and lacks boundaries, while his dad has a hot temper and finds it difficult to parent without screaming. Rounding out the clan are Adam’s terrifying sister, Erica; his older brother, Barry, who has middle-child syndrome; and the family’s beloved grandfather, Al “Pops” Solomon. Pops is responsible for wild antics, including offering drinks to Barry and teaching Adam about the ways of love — which create more chaos in an already high-strung family.

First episode dateSeptember 24, 2013    Video Clip Featured Below


North Carolina Pickleball

“On The High Seas”

SOUTH CHINA SEA – Pickleball, one of the fastest growing sports in America, is starting to make a splash on the high seas.

The sport, hugely popular in the Phoenix area, especially in active-retirement communities, recently was added to the sports offered on all 14 Holland America ships. And the line’s newest ship, the Nieuw Statendam, which debuts in December, will feature the game as well.

Other cruise lines, including Princess and Regent Seven Seas, also have added pickleball to some of their ships.

ScreenHunter_5214 Apr. 01 08.41

Erik Elvejord, Holland America’s director of public relations, says adding pickleball to the company’s ships was a no-brainer “because of many requests we were getting from guests.”

As an avid pickleball player myself, I was pleasantly surprised to see “meet for a game of pickleball” in the daily program on a recent 14-day Asian cruise on the Holland America Volendam.

The nets may not quite be to exact specifications and the swirling winds can blow a well-executed shot off course. But despite some of the challenges, I was delighted – after years of cruising – to finally have the chance to play the game at sea while working off a few calories from the Volendam’s tempting desserts.

 Cruise passengers like pickleball

Jack Thomas, the national president of the pickleball association and a Scottsdale resident, says it’s about time cruise lines started hopping on the pickleball bandwagon.

“I think the cruise industry has figured out that pickleball is a very inexpensive way to attract and entertain their passengers and will soon become a must-have onboard activity,” he says. “It is super easy to learn to play, great fun for all ages and creates camaraderie among fellow shipmates.”

Tino Carrillo, the Volendam’s assistant cruise director who overseas the ship’s sports – table tennis, shuffleboard, basketball and pickleball – says the latter has been a hit with the ship’s mostly older clientele.

“You typically play doubles, so it’s less tiring than some other sports,” he says. “It’s more accessible for everybody. It’s something fresh and new that more and more people are enjoying playing.”


North Carolina Pickleball

Salisbury Tournament Results

Special thanks to Jon Post and his army of volunteers for putting on a fantastic tournament, great cause and, of course, the Super Girls Kelly and Hannah from PBT.

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Firecracker Explosion 2018

8th Annual Jacksonville NC Senior Pickleball Tournament

North Carolina Pickleball

Regional Pickleball Tournament Results


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Below are the medalists from the 2018 event held March 2-3.


1st PLACE:    Marc Marziale/Mike Dato (Bolivia, NC)

2ND PLACE:   Glen Davis (Jacksonville, NC)/Daryl Burgess (Richlands, NC)

3RD PLACE:   Stephen Lombardi/Walker Rudd


1st PLACE:    Lee Massengale (Greensboro, NC)/Steve Boswell (Myrtle Beach, SC)

2ND PLACE:   Jonn Hendrickson/Donn Hendrickson (Fayetteville, NC)

3RD PLACE:   Horace Whitaker (Raeford, NC)/Richard Holloman (Leland, NC)


1st PLACE:    Bill Pearson (McLean, VA)/Andy Leighton (Arlington, VA)

2ND PLACE:   Gary Baptist/Frank Hendrick (New Bern, NC)

3RD PLACE:   Jerry McInnes/Joe Vartanesian (Wake Forest, NC)


1st PLACE:    Emile “Nip” Gaidos (Walkerton, VA)/Bill Gaidos (Richmond, VA)

2ND PLACE:   Philip Southall (Greensboro, NC)/Don Dowd (Pinehurst, NC)

3RD PLACE:   Tom Sayetta (Greenville, NC)/Arvid Berg (Hubert, NC)


1st PLACE:    Priscilla Chambers (Sunset Beach, NC)/Eileen Kalish (Leland, NC)

2ND PLACE:   Glenda Pfister/Gaby Schneider (Leland, NC)

3RD PLACE:   Susan Howlett (Knightdale, NC)/Mary Stubbe (Raleigh, NC)


1st PLACE:    Patty Hochwalt (Leland, NC)/Jane Klippel (Wilmington, NC)

2ND PLACE:   Brenda Dail (Morehead City, NC)/Mary Powell (Hubert, NC)

3RD PLACE:   Joan Taylor (Jacksonville, NC)/Teri Williamson


1st PLACE:    Jeannie Duncan (Midlothian, VA)/Linda Heaphy (Apex, NC)

2ND PLACE:   Toshi Kelly (Hubert, NC)/Yoni Lueck (Jacksonville, NC)

3RD PLACE:   Connie Murphy/Janet Ottey (New Bern, NC)


1st PLACE:    Anne Sayetta (Greenville, NC)/Marlys Berg (Hubert, NC)


1st PLACE:    Richard Holloman/Glenda Pfister (Leland, NC)

2ND PLACE:   Horace Whitaker (Raeford, NC)/Eileen Kalish (Leland, NC)

3RD PLACE:   Greg Poorten (Leland, NC)/Kim Mihan


1st PLACE:    Peter Guss (Bolivia, NC)/Priscilla Chambers (Sunset Beach, NC)

2ND PLACE:   Shi Tien Ting (Chapel Hill, NC)/Susan Howlett (Knightdale, NC)

3RD PLACE:   Tom Marsh (Winterville, NC)/Myra Hill (Greenville, NC)


1st PLACE:    Bill Pearson/Karen Pearson (McLean, VA)

2ND PLACE:   Rick Laskey (Jacksonville, NC)/Linda Heaphy (Apex, NC)

3RD PLACE:   Mike McGrath/Carolyn Ryan (Wilmington, NC)


1st PLACE:    Tom Sayetta/Anne Sayetta (Greenville, NC)

2ND PLACE:   Emile “Nip” Gaidos (Walkerton, VA)/Kashiwa Funk (Jacksonville, NC)


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