Dingy Dave = 6,000 Mile Pickleball Trip

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Some people really love their pickleball.

One man, “Dinghy” Dave Pike, is navigating 6,000 miles between his Michigan home and Florida, stopping along the way to play the badminton-like sport with as many people as possible.

Dave “Dinghy Dave” Pike of Grand Haven, Michigan, plays a game of pickleball Wednesday at the Osage Centre in Cape Girardeau. Pike stopped here on his “Journey,” a rigid inflatable watercraft, on the Mississippi River en route to Key West, Florida.
Fred Lynch
He stopped in Cape Girardeau on Tuesday night to anchor his boat and camp, and by 8:30 a.m. Wednesday was working up a sweat with the local pickleball club at the Osage Centre.

Since his stop in Cape Girardeau marked the only one in Missouri, Mayor Harry Rediger proclaimed Wednesday as “Dave Pike Pickleball Day in the City of Cape Girardeau.”

Pike said he’s been playing pickleball for more than four years. When he got the urge to travel, he figured he might as well see the country’s pickleball courts.

“This gives me a kind of a window into the communities that I stop in,” he said. “I get to know the people, interact with them, and I’m meeting a lot of new friends. It’s actually making it a highlight of my trip.”


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 When Joe Sink, Jr., publisher of THE DISPATCH, discussed his love of festivals with BB&T officials in 1983 he had no idea that it would lead to Lexington hosting one of the Country’s most popular food festivals.
BB&T and THE DISPATCH agreed to hire Kay Saintsing, a local organization developer and manager, to complete a feasibility study on a new community event. With Saintsing’s research and recommendations in hand both companies felt it was time to launch the first annual Barbecue Festival in Lexington on October 27, 1984. Event specialist, Kay Saintsing and her staff at Saintsing Management Services (now Preferred Events) produced the festival. Preferred Events now works throughout the year planning Lexington’s largest event. Tragically, Kay Saintsing unexpectedly passed away at age 53 on June 7, 2002. Continuing with the family tradition, Kay’s daughter Stephanie will continue to plan this very important community event.

Critical to the success of the event has been the special cooperation given the festival by the City of Lexington, Davidson County, as well as the owners of the popular barbecue restaurants throughout the area. This support, coupled with sponsorships provided by area businesses, has ensured the continued vitality and growth of the Annual Barbecue Festival.

Today, the festival has become an annual tradition that is held on one of the last two Saturdays in October. The 33rd Annual Barbecue Festival will be held on Saturday, October 22, 2016. In addition to the festival, the City of Lexington and Davidson County has officially declared October as “Barbecue” month. Events are held throughout the month of October which lead to the grand finale, the Barbecue Festival. Events that are held during the month of October include the Tour de Pig-the annual cycling event benefiting the Mental Health Association in Davidson County. Also included is a golf tournament, fishing tournament, and petanque tournament. All of these events draw talented athletes from across the Southeast. There is also a contest for creative writers, the Pepsi “Pig Tales” writing competition. The event is open to children and adults. Professional staff at the Lexington Branch of the Davidson County Public Library serve a judges for the competition. Winners in all divisions win a year’s supply of Pepsi.

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Special USAPA Newsletter Promotion

I hear from time to time “why do I need to join the USAPA?” – It would take quite some time to enumerate all the reasons so I will just list a few.  If there were no USAPA then the following would be gone – 1.  USAPA Web page 2.  Places to Play 3. Ambassador Program 4. Tournaments 4. Referee training 5. Liability insurance for tournament directors 6.  Rules development 7. Newsletter 8. Grant programs  Read more


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Deb Harrison

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North Carolina Pickleball is pleased to announce that we are bringing Deb Harrison to the Charlotte area.  The date will be on Friday November 18th at Carolina Courts in Concord NC.

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1 Deb Harrison Clinic jpg

Registration coming soon at www.pickleballtournaments.com    Call 757-685-5909 for clinic information or e mail ncpickleball@aol.com    




Pickleball Magazine Features Atlantic South Region

North Carolina Pickleball

Special Atlantic South Feature

We are pleased to recognize the Atlantic South Region as the first ever region to be in the spotlight in Pickleball Magazine.  Special thanks to Joe Borrelli and Karen Parrish who put together an outstanding article.  Great Job North Carolina as we are a leader in Pickleball.

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